Big D and the Kids Table+ Sweat Life+ 7 more acts.
Video flier.
Nov 5, VA @ Empire. 

We recently put all of the lyrics to the songs on our self titled! So go check it out on our Bandcamp.

Every friday night me and all my friends,
sit around life and just pretend
that we know what we, we are gonna do.
Where we will go and we will stay.
So don’t take that away.
Its all we have for today. 

I joke around too much, I never love enough.
Why can’t I ever let it rest.
I joke around too much,I take it way too far.
I think Im going east on 40 west. 

We joke we dance we play.
We play our happy songs.
It makes us feel like we’re okay.
We dont have much time for your angry words,
your silly lies your silly thoughts.
So dont spread more rumours today.
Yeah, dont believe what others say. 

I know its easy to just lie on your back. Wait for the attack.
I know its easy to just follow the crowd without making a sound.
But if everybody plays the game and nobody plays it fair.
Can you tell me why should I care?




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Check out our good friend Logan performing “Thanks for Nothing”. We recently played a show at The Shack in WV with his band Friday Night Losing Streak.

Support friends, support local music.

Support friends supporting local music.  

Bass plus distortion and #2 pencils=sweet rock n roll

Matt borrowed a Bari sax from school and he’s like 86% sax now.

Hey West Virginia fans! We’re playing an end of summer show (sadly) tonight at The Shack in Harpers Ferry. Come on out for one last sweat educed spaz fest before we all have to go back to school.

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Sexy Sax Man McMatt O’Holland

Check out our shitty NOFX cover.

If you’re in Baltimore tonight come get down with us at The Sidebar! 

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Video Flyer

We have a new video flyer for August 21 at The Sidebar in Baltimore MD. 

More info here: Event Page